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Mustang Mechanics

Classic Mustang Restoration
Jim Stookey
MCO Members, my name is Jim Stookey, and I have been a MCO member since 2010. I currently have five mustangs, three which I am currently restoring (a 1966, a 1976 and a 1986). After 41 years in the banking business, I retired last year, and am now enjoying my passion which is restoring and working on mustangs.

I can perform most repair and restoration jobs, although I am not equipped to paint. My shop is behind my house in southern Delaware County near Hoover Reservoir. I might not be the fastest, but I do things right or not at all; and I am reasonable.

You can call me at 740-965-1075 or catch me at one of our MCO meetings if you have any needs that I can help with.