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Ramey's Automotive in Mansfield
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If you ever find yourself "Way" up north and have a need, I highly recommend Randy Ramey of Ramey's Automotive in Mansfield.
I own a 1971 Mach I. The previous owner had trouble getting it to idle and run smooth at low speed. He tried everything, new fuel pump, coil, and even replaced the original carburetor with a brand new Holley. Still there was no improvement. After purchasing the car I took it to Randy. He quickly isolated the problem to the carburetor and found that the new one had been previously dropped and was binding up. That fixed it, but he recommended that we rebuild and reinstall the old one to put the car back into it's original state.
It now runs better than ever and I couldn't have done it without Randy's help. His shop is located at 105 E. 4th St in Mansfield. (419) 522-6001
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